Any institution seeking registration by the University Council of Jamaica must document its compliance with each of the following conditions:

1. The institution has a structure of governance which formulates general policies and exercises authority over the implementation of academic programmes.

2. The institution has a clearly defined and published statement of purposes (Mission Statement).

3. The institution has published admission policies compatible with its stated purpose.

4. The institution offers one or more educational programmes (or curricula) consistent with its mission.

5. The institution enrolls students in at least one tertiary/higher educational programme normally requiring at least one academic year for completion, and has students actively pursuing such a programme at the time of the Council’s evaluation.

6. The institution has a evaluation process which assists students in attaining a certificate, diploma or degree.

7. The institution has a plan, as well as a planning and evaluation process, which addresses its educational, physical and financial growth.

8. The institution has an adequate academic staff as well as administrative and technical support in terms of quality and quantity.

9. The institution owns sufficient learning resources or, ensures the provision of access to adequate learning resources and services required to support the courses and programees offered.

10. The institution has adequate accommodation.

11. The institution has available an audited statement made within the year prior to the Council’s visit.


1. The Director (Principal), of the institution interested in registration should obtain application forms from the University Council of Jamaica along with a copy of the guidelines for registration.

2. The institution should provide the information requested in the application form to document its compliance with the Guidelines for Registration. This submission constitutes a primary source of information used by the Council to evaluate the institution and to decide on its status with the Council.

3. The application will be reviewed by the University Council of Jamaica. If the review is favourable, a registration team will be formed to visit the institution at the schelduled mutually convenient date. The principal task of the registration team will be determined whether the institution is in compliance with the Guidelines for Registration.

4. The report of the registration team will be sent by the Council to the Principal of the institution who will be invited to review the report and submit a written response to the recommendations by a specified date.

5. The application, the registrations team’s report and the institution’s response to the report will be reviewed by the Accreditation, Curriculum and Development Committee of the Council. This committee will make its recommendations regarding registration of the institution, to the Council who after due consideration, make a decision on the institution’s registration status.

6. The institution will be informed of the Council’s decision by letter stating the conditions of registration. In the first instance, institutions will normally be registered for a period of four years during which time annual status report must be submitted to the Council. At the end of the registration period the institution must apply for re-registration.

7. After registration, the institution should endeavour to seek accreditation for one or more of its programmes.

8. The cost incurred by the registration process including maintenance must be borne by the institution. The Council will provide the relevant fee structure.



The aim of registration is to certify that an institution meets certain minimum operation standards required for the conduct of a tertiary institution in Jamaica. It is also a first step towards accreditation of programmes offered by an institution.

Registration provides an institution with the opportunity to establish a formal, publicly recognized relationship with the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ), and is the recommended approach to seeking accreditation from the UCJ. Registration therefore is a pre-accreditation status. The criteria for registration are closely related to the criteria for accreditation since they are meant to provide registered institutions with a foundation for logical development towards accreditiation.