The Matrix


The Matrix was a science fiction action film produced in America and Australia in 1999. It was directed and  written and by the Wachowski Brothers and starring Keanu Reeves, Hugo Weaving Carrie-Anne Moss, Laurence Fishburne and  Joe Pantoliano. It will be documented that throughout the movie the theme of fate vs. free will seems capture the whole atmosphere.

Theme of Fate

In regard to this film then as soon as Morpheus requests Neo to either choose a blue pill or a red pill he basically offers the choice stuck between fate and free will.  It generally accepted that the Neo’s decision to choose the red pill was very crucial since he chose to be part of the real world by making use of the petite amount of free will that Morpheus gave him. Fate dominates throughout in the Matrix since the actions are predetermined and world is pre-constructed. It clearly shows that all questions have answers and that any choice is simply an illusion of choice. In the reality humans have the power to transform their fate, make mistakes frequently and can take individual actions.

Neo at the end chooses the red pill which symbolizes real life but he learns that free will is not pretty. Truly the real world is a mess, destitute and dangerous. It will be realized that pleasure exists nearly in the whole world of the Matrix which is actually only a computer construct. Cypher regrets after selecting the red pill and in the end decides to go back to the Matrix and views that any pleasure whether false or true is superior than no pleasure at all. Neo, Trinity and Morpheus all value reality and free will no matter how unlikable they may be. The Matrix trilogy reveals that everybody has the personal responsibility to make the choice between an artificial world and the real world (Irwin, 2002).

Despite the fact that Neo is the paradigm of free will it happens that fate plays a major role in his escapade. Neo depends on the Oracle since what she says becomes correct in some way. Neo is guided to the right decision at each encounter with the Oracle and he is not required to demonstrate much in any of his free will. Morpheus on the hand describes the Oracle as a guide and not somebody who knows the future. She tells Seraph at the end of the trilogy that she truly knew nothing but only believed in herself. However, the fact that the Oracle was always right raised uncertainties about the free will of Neo (Bre, 2005).

Fate is usually invariable due to the fact that the world is fully pre-programmed. On the other hand the actions of the human beings are actually predetermined implying that free will does not truly exist. It follows that as soon as Morpheus proposes to Neo the opportunity to either wait in wonderland or track him along the rabbit hole he is in fact suggesting to him the option between free will and fate. From the movie we can truly say that when Neo first comes across the Oracle there is likelihood of him learning his identity and fate (2012, 10). From the final scene in the movie we realize that Trinity discloses that she is does not fear to admit her fate in falling in love with Neo. This clearly implies that the filmmaker clearly introduces awareness to the role of the making decision which is purely the central point of the free will and fate dichotomy.

From the matrix we can say that choice is merely a delusion when the trail you essentially choose has already been prearranged. The first scene of the film commences with a focused view that yields a notion that the world is in point of fact not real that there is somebody inspecting them. The central focus in this scene revolves around whether Neo will chose or denies choosing to be uninformed to the real world and proceed to subsist in the fake world or whether he chooses to speculate and take the risk to subsist in the real world and fail to be familiar with what lies ahead.

In addition, fate actually lies in the Neo’s choice to save trinity regardless of the impractical odds. This clearly demonstrates that he rationally recognized that selecting the door on the right would truly result to the guaranteed continued survival although it was an enslavement of humanity that was an option his predecessors irrationally made when he knew it be should be avoided.