Mister Roberts and Preventative Medicine

You are to compare and contrast the play and the video.

Heggen’s “Mister Roberts” play and the video “Preventive Medicine” are set in World War II contain episodes obtained the setting of World War II in which the colonels have a problem with their team. In both, there are disagreements on the behavior of their leaders pushing the leaders towards war without proper care of their needs such as food. An effective resolution is made in both to defy the directions of their bosses. For instance, in “preventive medicine” Hawkeye seems to mind more on attending to injuries without any other indication on his face of caring for the 4077th crew. On the other hand, Mr. Roberts joins his frustrated and bored men in the cargo ship in to express their hatred for the captain who is so tyrannical.


Analyze how the authors and the characters use comedy to ease the tension of the war.

Tension in war normally increases when the commander or a colonel does not impart substantial confidence on the men in war and also managing stress of all types ranging from hunger, injuries to being overwhelmed by enemies. The authors place some characters strategically to provide to ease tension of fellow men of war. The author of the video, Preventive Medicine uses one man to protest against the same meals everyday in the mess. He does this protest is such amusing way by first beginning with a nag, a loud quarrel and shouting to the cook, splashing the food to the wall, starting a protest chant, climbing on the tables and soon everybody follows suit. The statement of BJ to Hawkeye about Radar being just their and the consequent joke that Hawkeye will be receiving casualties around ten minutes turns out to be dramatic when there is a sudden announcement from the PA that casualties were being flown in.

Similarly, In “Mister Roberts”, the desires and struggle of Mr. Robert to be transferred to work in combat duty finally are granted. Drama arises that when Robert is killed in combat, although scary to the readers, it relieves tension. Robert’s conflicting relationship with the captain, who has a good rapport with the men in the ship, tends to ease tension, since, if Robert who is one of the officers was to stick to the office and side with captain, the monotony and tediousness of the men would have made them more disillusioned. Instead, the author uses Robert to bring about a relaxed to side with the men such that they are shielded from the captain’s tyrannical rules.

Does the humor minimize the seriousness of what is happening to the soldiers?

It is true that humor exits in both the movie and Heggen’s story and this is a prove that war zones is not all about tears but there are sources of laughter and the men of war can occasionally afford a smile. In the video “MASH” episode, the overly righteous Doctor who thinks he is an efficient doctor, but it is humorous, to see him continuing drinking. He hears the Radar but gets busy drinking. Nobody can tell how the meat on the fork of Colonel Lacy disappears when he is talking to a colleague named Margaret. The meat reappears within a shot time. On the other hand Mister Roberts shows, with a great expression of humor, a side of war that is normally not remembered since it does not involve carrying of guns. It is described by neither the excitement nor the heroism of battle, but the boredom of the men assigned with work regarded less as glamorous work, where the enemies of a soldier are not in many cases the officers who control him or have power over him, rather than the soldiers and probably sailors of the opposing forces.

Describe a moment which you appreciate the most in either work.

The video MASHA is quite catchy in the episode 22. I like the interactions between BJ and Hawkeye especially when the former asks the self righteous Doctor, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” and the answer given by the never smiling doctor will leave anybody busting in laughter ‘Taking out that guy’s appendix in there. You gonna get into your whites or what?” In this video, everybody seems to work lonely and busy avoiding one another’s interruption as much as possible. In Mister Robert, the soldiers seem to be locked out of the opportunity of ever being heroes, probably the reason why Robert fight to go for combat to secure an opportunity of becoming one. The experiences of the soldiers indicated in the play also illustrate some of the cosmic incidents that characterize war such the one in the video and the play.

Give reasons for your reaction to these works which often deal with tragic occurrence.

Indeed, some works are taken for reasons other than earning income such as adventurer and sometimes being forced. In either case, once one is in the system, both the thoughts and actions of an individual are governed by rules. I find this the worst idea about these kind of work. Most often, the Colonels or officers in charge of a crew take advantage of this and manipulate the soldiers in a certain dehumanizing manner. Being denied a chance to eat well, to socialize with and the right to proper medical care during war is one of the reasons why this work should not be given priority.